Guiding Lights: UGRR Conductors in York

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  • Several well-used Underground Railroad paths ran through York County, Pennsylvania, before the American Civil War. Freedom seekers crossed the Mason-Dixon Line after traveling through the rural Maryland countryside and set foot on free soil, often for the first time.
  • Paperback
  • 129 pages
  • In this book, long-time author and researcher Scott Mingus gives an overview, with photographs and accompanying text, of some of the leading waystations and local sites associated with the Underground Railroad. This is meant to be a companion piece to his popular book, The Ground Swallowed Them Up: Slavery and the Underground Railroad in York County, Pa.

  • Scott Mingus is the author of 24 books on the Civil War and Underground Railroad. A retired scientist, he helped develop the first commercially successful US self-adhesive postage stamps and was a pioneer in bar code labels. He lives near York, PA and is a frequent speaker at Civil War Round Tables across the county.