Sticks n Stones: New Epilogue Lynda P. Myers

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  • 2nd Edition
  • Sticks ’n Stones: The Myers Family in Levittown by Daisy D. Myers. This important book, originally published by the York County Heritage Trust in 2005, has been reprinted in a Second Edition in 2021. It contains a new forward by Michael Newsome, Secretary of Governor Tom Wolf’s Office of Administration and a new Epilogue by Daisy’s daughter Lynda P. Myers. The reprint was made possible through the support of the Robert P. Turner Publication Fund.

  • She’s been called the “Rosa Parks of the North.” Daisy D. Myers (1925–2011), a native of Richmond, Virginia, didn’t intend to become a civil rights activist for fair housing when she and her family moved to Levittown, Pennsylvania, in 1957. But when hundreds of people crowded onto her front lawn and into the street, trying to force the Myers family—the first African American family in Levittown—to leave, Daisy stood her ground.Written in the years right after the incident, Sticks ’n Stones: The Myers Family in Levittown is the story of that resistance. Daisy, Daisy’s husband, Bill Myers, a York, Pennsylvania native and their four children moved to York in the late 1960s. When asked about her experiences, she simply said, “We love too seldom and hate too often.”