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The York County History Center is one of the only repositories in Pennsylvania that has the two major York County newspapers and their predecessors on microfilm.

To place an online Obituary Request, please complete the information in the form to the left.  If you are a member, please log in first so you can get member pricing.  If you wish to make a Obituary Request by mail, there is a link at the bottom to download the form.

Not every death that occurred in York County will have a corresponding obituary in the local newspaper. If an obituary did appear in the local newspaper, the details included in it vary depending on the time period. Early obituaries, when found, may only reference that the individual died, or that he died “leaving a wife and children”, without providing the names of the family members.

When an exact date of death is known (e.g. February 27th, 1987), The History Center will locate the obituary on microfilm from one (1) newspaper and provide a copy of the obituary for a $15.00 fee. When only the month and year of death is known, that month will be searched in one (1) newspaper for the obituary and provide a copy of the found obituary for a $25.00 fee. The research fee is non-refundable.

PLEASE NOTE: On some occasions when an individual died over the weekend, an obituary may not have appeared in the local York newspapers; this is because for many years York’s Sunday paper was printed by a Lancaster County newspaper company and these newspapers are not available at The History Center. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for processing.

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